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Types of luxury cars

Luxury car is a sign of rich. The price of various luxury cars is so high that our common people can only dream haring off down the road in the fast luxury cars. Now, more and more luxury car brands appear in a rapid growth. What types of luxury cars are you familiar with? Let’s admire some types of luxury cars. First, expensive luxury cars then, fast luxury cars.
When refer to the luxury car brands, we may think of Bentley or Rolls-Royce. However, compared with the most expensive luxury cars, they are not priceless. As I know, one of the most expensive car is Koenigsegg.
In 1994, Koenigsegg was founded by Christian von Koenigsegg, who is committed to producing world-class sports car. The production of this kind of luxury car is so rare. It has a limited production of 6, 5 of which have been sold to China. The reference price of this kind of expensive luxury car is about 100 million. As with the feature of Swedish royal sports car, the logo is the same as the Swedish royal air force.
Then, another expensive luxury car I want to talk about is Lykan Hypersport, which is founded in 2012 and has a limited production of 10 in the world. The price of this kind of luxury car is about 70 million in China. Plenty of costly materials were used to make the expensive car. The chair of this type of luxury was sewed in gold. The quick speed of Lykan Hypersport can be 395km/h. Therefore, it has its strength over other types of luxury cars.
Speed is always the pursuit of human when admiring a luxury car. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is not only one of the world’s most expensive supercar but also is the fastest luxury car. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport made a world Guinness record to be the fastest luxury car in the world with the fastest speed of 431 km/h, which ranked the top among the fast luxury cars.
Of all the fastest cars, you may hear about Lamborghini Reventon which was produced in Italian, with a top speed of 350 km/h. There are only 21 this types of fast car in the world, one of which was deposited in the museum.
Are you attracted by various types of luxury cars, one kind of luxury car may make you more extraordinary.

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