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Three LV bags that are most popular with ladies

LV has always been a word for luxury and noble. Also has been praised by the attention all over the world, in the luxury handbags, Louis Vuitton handbags has always been the pursuit of the female heart. We do not talk about all the love of the ordinary women firstly, even the stars and supermodels love Louis Vuitton handbags very much. The fashion, classic, practical and easy and reasonable price, good collocation clothes design are more and more popular. Let’s talk about the most popular with women in the three LV bags.
The first one: One Handel LV bag. The bag is not only noble and attractive, and they all became a popular sheet is tasted, 2017 early spring series debut of the new One Handel, it have Monogram service canvas and EPI leather two versions which tie-in suitcase style lock design extremely bright spot, compact size. It is fashionable and generous and practical, portable and shoulder a variety of ways collocation, meet the daily leisure business a variety of purposes.
The second one: Capucines handbag. Real top grade atmosphere of LV bag. Miranda Kerr, Chiara Ferragni, Tiffany Tang, Carina Liu have the same one. Classic, noble, equipped with a shoulder strap Capucines BB be lively, full of sweet girl, named after the location of the Louis Vuitton first store in 1854 – the rue Des Capucines, is the masterpiece of leather high technology.
The third one: Metis LV messenger bag. Metis LV messenger bag should be the fire one during the last few years.There are so many fans of both at home and abroad. Metis messenger bag is along with the gender willfulness, leisure along with the gender mix build perfect item, perfect collocation, and practical consideration, whether you wear a casual business or not, is fit for a Metis LV messenger bag, it is very hot in the luxury handbags.

Released on August 15, 2017, rather than of the world’s 100 most popular brand, Louis Vuitton ranking 18th in the luxury category, Louis Vuitton handbags also occupied a certain area in the luxury handbags, many classic and noble designs are praised by the people, and always maintain good popular trend.
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