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The symbol of luxury bags – Hermes

Now we often hear people say: "Bag can cure all", some people might feel incredible, but for some people, especially women, bag is a very lovable things, especially luxury bags. How much do you know about luxury brands? Today we’re going to talk about some luxury brands bags-Hermes.
Hermes, the world’s famous luxury brand, was founded by Thierry Hermes in Paris in 1837 and has a long history of more than 170 years. Famous for production of silk scarves and ties of Hermes in manufacturing of saddle and horse started, his luxury, conservative, distinguished, the entire brand, from the whole to the detail to its stores, are full of heavy to Marvin into the center of the deep inside information. Hermes is a loyal to the traditional handicraft, constant pursuit of innovation, the internationalization of enterprises by the end of 2014, a total of 17 Hermes’s series of products: leather, scarves, ties, men’s and women’s fashion, perfume, watches, stationery products, shoes, accessories, supplies, household life harness series, tableware and jewelry.
The Hermes bag is one of the best products of the Hermes collection. It is the consistent tenet of Hermes that all products should be flawless and impeccable. As a result, the material of Hermes handbags are of the highest quality leather goods, stand the test of time, a kaleidoscope, colorful bags color thanks to Hermes craftsmen have dyeing technology, classic Bag shape is more long, Kelly Bag and Birkin Bag are the most representative classic bags.
The Kelly bag is Hermes’s earliest bag, which was renamed Kelly bag after being used by Grace Kelly of Monaco. It became a source of inspiration for other products, including Kelly bags, watches, jewelry, women’s wear and other products. The Birkin bag is Hermes’s most famous bag, named after the French singer Jane Biekin, and is known for its fine workmanship and utility. Each platinum bag is engraved on the bag with a vintage.
In addition to some classic types, Hermes bags and many other styles fall into two main categories: Hermes women’s bags and Hermes men’s bags. The bags of men are less than women , but equally popular. Among the women’s bags are the Hermes Garden bag, the bollywood bag, the Hermes clothing Evelyn bag, the Kabanna bag, the Lindy bag, the Lydie bag, and Her bag. In addition, there are basket bags, shopping bags and so on. The classic bags of men as follows: Steven Bag, Alfred Bag and Messenger bag. All of them maintained a good reputation around the world and cemented Hermes’s brand of luxury brands.

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