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Luxury car: Top luxury car brands

Luxury brands always are paid close attention by people, not only does it lead the automotive industry, but more importantly, possessing it is a symbol of wealth and power for a person. The world’s best-selling luxury brand is BBA, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi .With their rigorous and solid workmanship, they have won people’s trust and support throughout the world, but they are not the world’s top luxury car brands. Now let me introduce to you the world’s top luxury car brands.
NO.1 Shelby Supercars (Minimum 50 million)
The company was founded by Jerod Shelby in the United States in 1999. Like many other well-known luxury sports cars brands, the company name uses the founder’s name. This is a very young company, but it has a quite high starting. The Supercars shows that the company was founded to create only the high-end supercar series.
No.2 Bugatti (Minimum 25 million)
Bugatti is one of the most distinctive supercar manufactories in Italy. It is known for producing the best and fastest cars in the world. Now it is a brand of the Volkswagen Group.
No.3Pagani (Minimum 12 million)
It is a world-renowned manufacturer which specially makes luxury sports cars, and it is famous for its extreme function, superb technology, high price, and rare productions.
No.4 Maybach (Minimum 5 million)
Maybach and Maybach-engine manufacturing plant once were active in Europe from 1921 to 1940. November 19, 2014. Mercedes-Benz officially released a new sub-brand Mercedes-Maybach in Guangzhou, at the same time, the brand’s first model Maybach S-class also officially debuted in the world.
No.5 Bentley (Minimum 5 million)
Bentley Motors Limited is a world-renowned British car manufacturer and founded by Walter Owen Bentley on January 18, 1919. In nearly a hundred years of history, it experiences baptism of time, and presented the perfect combination of comfort and refinement to people.
No.6 Rolls-Royce (Minimum 4 million)
Rolls-Royce is the world’s top luxury car maker, founded in 1906 in the United Kingdom. Rolls-Royce car is the representative of the top luxury cars.
No.7 Ferrari (Minimum 3 million)
Ferrari is an Italian car-maker, it mainly produce formula cars, racing cars and high-performance sports cars. It is the most famous racing and sports car manufacturer in the world.
No.8 Lamborghini (Minimum 2 million)
The Lamborghini logo is a full of power and fighting bullfight, it coincides with high-speed sports car’s features, but also reflects the founder’s unbent personality.
If you are interested in the top luxury car brands, you can learn more in-depth.
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