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Luxury bag: Hermes Lindy

Hermes Lindy is the most elegant luxury bag, and it looks like a gentlewomen. With elegant and stylish appearance, and luxury gene, Hermes Lindy has been loved by many stars since the advent of it. Then, it becomes one of the most popular bags to take a photo in the street. Now, let me introduce the famous ladies bag — Hermes Lindy.
First of all,Hermes is a famous luxury brand in the world, Hermes Is considered as the handicraft empire. I believe that most of the people want to have a Hermes bag, especially about Hermes Lindy. There are many people said that they do not buy Hermes easily because they will fall in love with Hermes and never buy another brands. Although the popular styles are not much, they are really useful. In particular, the kind of hand bag can bring you the unique feeling that the bag is a part of you. However, its production is too scarce, it can be said to buy a bag difficultly.
The bag design:
Hermes Lindy is different from the structure of most handbags, the middle part of the zipper is slightly concave, the bag’s capacity and size are adjustable. It has a high degree of freedom, you can adjust the size and height according to your own situation .Compared to the square appearances of B and K, Lindy’s soft appearance appears to be natural and never outdated. In addition, Lindy has a side pocket to accommodate some small goods, it is very useful for girls to accommodate some small items, such as lipstick, mirror.
The color and size:
Hermes Lindy has a lot of various colors, for example: green, light grey, orange, red, blue, I think you can find a favorite color. What’s more, Lindy has three sizes —26, 30, 34.If you want to buy a small Lindy bag , you can choose 26, because it is not only small but also suitable.
The price:
What is the most important thing to choose luxury bags? Maybe you will say the brand, the style, but the price is also very important. Many people like luxury bags, but they can’t afford to buy them. So it is worth mentioning that the Lindy’s price is very reasonable, the price range: 3.6w-21w. You can choose to buy a Lindy bag of the right price.
Hermes Lindy is a graceful and useful luxury bag, I believe you will love it once you have a Lindy.
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