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Louis Vuitton—City Symbol Mosaic Bag

For most people, ugly things are even more impressive than those beautiful things. They are loudly colored with a strange shape which will actually make people shocked. Today we are going to talk about Louis Vuitton—City Symbol Mosaic Bag, a household handbags name. What good things should go into a quality bag design? Maybe it has the nice appearance. However, this bag is famous not because of its beauty but its deadly ugliness. It is called the ugliest bag all over the world.

Louis Vuitton’s City Symbol Mosaic Bag is the top four expensive bag up to now. many people cannot understand the real charm of the handbag. Among most designed bags, this one is too weird. It has a special charm for many wealthy young women. Of course, it is a kind of ladies’ bag. The selling price is up to $150,000. It is made from exquisite leather, custom design, and solid crafting. There are all kinds of municipal waste in the bag, including butt, tea bag, mineral water bottle, Band-Aid, cigarette case and cachou. This municipal waste is a city simple. The bag design is so unique and adventurous. All’s that makes the purchase worth it.

Considering the meaning behind the handbag, we can easily know what moral the designer really wants to bring us. He may hope the economy can grow on the basis of environmental protection. Another guess, he may hope we can make good use of waste materials. No matter which one is right, this ladies’ bag is rich in content and profound in meaning. Buying a handbag, consumer place a higher value on its moral aspect. In a word, this handbag is worth buying.

Everything real is rational. Actually, this kind of ladies’ bag has generated vast entrust interest around the world. Even Beckham’s wife Victoria wants to gain one. We have to say, despite the ugliness, the City Symbol Mosaic Bag is a great success. For those LV fans, they may think this handbag is perfect in all aspects.

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