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Judith Leiber’s Rose-Shaped Handbag

As a saying goes, there is no rose without a thorn. however, all the girls love it despite the thorn of roses. Rose has a very good-looking. Pale red flowers look very elegant and solemn; rose petals on the edge of its pink, covered with hairs, with crystal drops, blooming vitality, exudes a seductive fragrance. There is no such a happy thing as taking a beautiful rose all day with you. It is not a daydreaming. Today we’re featuring the Rose-Shaped Handbag, designed by Judith Leiber. He makes girls’ dream come true.

The retro bag has a fully blossomed pink rose with a metallic chain, in a classic charming theme and the sophistication of American fashion. This impressive rose-shaped handbag is valued at a whopping $92,000 (¥607,000). The Rose-Shaped handbag is encrusted with 1,016 diamonds, 1,169 pink sapphires, and 800 tourmalines. Under these dazzling gems is its 18K white gold body. This Rose-Shaped handbag is really a pure fine art which looks like a huge jewelry.

As for the designer, Judith Leiber is a well-known American fashion accessories designer who is famous for designing advanced custom handbags. His designs are the pursuit of the perfect details of the art. All of his designs are unique and classic. The actresses such as Carrie and Samantha, take this gorgeous glittering evening bag in Sex and the City. His designs are not only exquisite handbags but also small wallets. Unique to designer Judith Leiber is the glittering style of classic designs pieced together with gems, crystal stones, onyx and pearl shells on the evening bag.

This rose-shaped handbag can show women’s elegance and extraordinary charm. Its lovely pink color attracts people’s attention. It just looks like a real rose sparkling in the sunshine. Buy a rose however it will eventually die. This Rose-Shaped handbag will never seem to fade. these bags are very expensive so as to be the symbol of power and status in America.

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