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Gucci backpack-A new fashion

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For stars and the fashion professionals, backpacks are always essential.The backpack which is same with stars has always been the most popular bags which can reflect the trend of fashion items. Backpacks from big luxury brands to smaller ones are popular and admired. From street style to holiday style, each style is full of fashion,Gucci backpack also achieved good effect in the field of backpack. At present, Gucci website has published 15 kinds of backpacks, each has its own charm, these Gucci bag price between 10,000 and 30,000.
One of the main products is the Bosco design advanced artificial canvas backpack. This backpack is made of beige or ebony premium synthetic canvas and the material is decomposable. The embroidery pattern on the bag is Boston terrier, closely related to the Chinese lunar new year of the dog. In the early spring of 2018, the bag gathered in a new year’s atmosphere. This Gucci bag price is 15400 yuan, and the price is relatively moderate. I believe it will be the best choice for all fashion person.
Another main product is the Queen Margaret quilted leather backpack. This Gucci bag price is 28,300 yuan, which is higher than some other in Gucci’s backpack. The queen Margaret collection is paired with classic Gucci details, and the “love” logo is one of the highlights. Bees symbolize wisdom and love, decorated with glass beads and colored crystals. The bag have the zip-in bag and the small bag for smartphone which is convenient. The bag is crafted in soft quilted leather with a color block. This bag is very elegant and fashion which reflects the Gucci brand noble image.
Each Gucci backpack is a reflection of the Gucci brand culture and image. With its unique elegant and fashionable design and good brand, Gucci backpack have become the main choice for public。Moreover, compared with the top luxury brand ,Gucci bag has a reasonable price which expandes its consumer groups. The Gucci backpack is not only popular among some of the new products mentioned above, but some of the other classic ones are also enduring. One of the most popular double-shoulder backpacks is the Gucci bamboo backpack, which costs $1,750.
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