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Chinese Rich’s Favorite Luxury Car Brands

Expensive cars are always full of eternal fascination for many successful entrepreneurs. With China’s rapid economic development, the consumption demand of luxury cars is getting stronger and stronger. Today let us focus on some Chinese rich’s favorite Luxury Car Brands.

Undoubtedly, the Chinese rich like Rolls-Royce Motor Cars best. It is the only symbol of grace in automobile kingdom for most people. We all know Rolls-Royce produce expensive cars. However, no matter how old the style, how high the cost is, it still has no challenger. In 1906 Rolls-Royce was formally proclaimed in the United Kingdom. The following year, it launched the Silver Ghost sedan soon being known as "the world’s best car”. The most distinctive thing about Rolls-Royce is that it makes heavy use of manual labor. In Britain, where labor costs are so high, this inevitably leads to high production costs. This is one of the reasons why Rolls-Royce‘s selling prices are so staggering. Until today, Rolls-Royce’s engine is also entirely handmade. The success of the brand thanks to it has been adhering to the British traditional art of making cars: proficiency, high performance, mechanical capacity.

The following two well-known brands are Bentley and Ferrari. Bentley Motors Limited is a world-famous British car manufacturer, which was created by Walter Owen Bentley on January 18, 1919. During World War I, Bentley was known for producing aero engines, and after the war, Bentley began designing and manufacturing automotive products. In nearly a hundred years of history, Bentley after the baptism of time, still is timeless and shining, presenting to the world will always be a noble, elegant, dynamic, comfortable and perfect combination of fine workmanship. The company creates many different types of luxury vehicles. Most of them are in short supply.

As for Ferrari, it is the world’s most famous racing and sports car manufacturer. Founded in 1929, the company is headquartered in Modena, Italy. The founder is the world champion racing, epoch-making car designer Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari has a high status in the world car forum, and some car critics even say that no sports car can compare with the Ferrari.

The above three kinds of luxury car brands are Chinese rich’s favorite. In China, 33% of car owners think that a car with a price above $154,000 can be a luxury vehicle. Price is the value signal of product; value decides the price. Expensive cars will always be full of endurable charm. The list of luxury car brands won’t change much.

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